What if the deepest desire of your heart turned out to be what God most longs to give you?

You can encounter God's extravagant love and favor. 

We can take that journey together.

I am a speaker, a ministry leader, and a writer. I am a pastor's wife, a mom,
and work for a major Christian ministry. But mostly, I'm a recovering spiritual orphan who discovered her true identity as God's Beloved.

I never feel more alive than when I invite women - through my speaking and writing - to take bold steps of faith into a transforming encounter with God.

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Beautiful Beloved

Encountering the Love of Your Life

There is a voice.... It is speaking a name we are meant to hear, God's true telling of who we are in Christ.

But forces arrayed against us and our own wandering hearts have obscured our ability to hear it.

We allow ourselves to be distracted by other lovers (idols), who leave us "wretched, naked, poor, and blind" (Revelation 3:17). Ashamed, we hide away from the only One who truly sees and loves us.

But the Lover of our Souls has not left us. He calls us out of hiding and into deeper fellowship with Himself. If we listen very carefully, we may hear Him whisper, "Beloved."

"Lynne is an anointed speaker, teacher, and writer. She has a rare combination of spiritual gifts: a fine intellect coupled with a biblically rooted, theologically sound grasp of Scripture and a dynamic teaching style." 

"Lynne’s “Beautiful Beloved” series, richly drawn from the Song of Songs, invites women to pursue Jesus first and foremost as the Source of true intimacy as He wakes, woos, and wins his bride, the Church.  I highly recommend Lynne to any group seeking a Bible teacher who winsomely engages with audiences in every season of life.”

Maggie Wallem Rowe
Speaker, Dramatist, and Author of THIS LIFE WE SHARE
Waynesville, North Carolina


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