Are your women experiencing fear? Isolation?
Are they drowning in distraction and busyness?

I get it, because I've been there. My passion is helping women not only know the truth, but also experience heart change that catalyzes long-term transformation. Just imparting head knowledge won't cut it, so I reach listeners' hearts, empowering them to trust God in brand new ways and take solid steps forward into lasting change.

Abandoned by my father at four and betrayed by my stepfather at 12, the basic children mantra I internalized was: "You're not enough."

I'm not alone. Through decades of ministry, I've met thousands of women who operate under the same oppressive lie. Having struggled with the soul-killing effects of spiritual orphanhood for much of my life, I'm equipped to reach women who are:

Disappointed ("Life hasn't gone the way I expected")
Distracted ("I've lost sight of what gave my heard joy, and I don't know my way back")
Discouraged ("I'm caught in a cycle of sin and can't seem to escape.")
Deceived ("God can love everyone else, except me. I'm a special case.")
Disillusioned ("I tried Christianity, but I'm still broken and disappointed. Why try again?")

Is your group feeling scattered? Are you looking to (re)build community and help your women connect deeply with God and each other right now?

As a result of my teaching, women are able to:

Discover that they are not alone, and gather strength and encouragement from their sisters,
Identify the lies the enemy has used to rip them off and sideline them,
Discover where the "Lie of the Special Case" has been at work in their lives - and undo its damage,
Reject an orphan spirit and welcome in its place the Spirit of Adoption (Romans 8:15),
Replace fear with a growing rest in God's love for them, and 
Reclaim their full inheritance as God's beloved daughters, part of His forever family.

God has called me to capture His daughters' attention, to speak His words in a way they can hear - by building a bridge between His heart and theirs.

Through the teachings He's given me, God's constant invitation is, "Come out of isolation, fear, and hiding. Come be seen, be loved, and be transformed in My presence." My invitation to women is, "Let's go there together."

What Teaching Topics Do I Offer?

I can bring the following to your women's event, customized for your women in 1, 2, 3, or 4 sessions.

I provide a marketing blurb, bio, and photos to help you advertise the event, as well as sessions outlines, small group discussion questions, and Quiet Time studies for each of the following topics.

These can be taught in person or virtually over Zoom.

Journey to the Father's Heart

It's what Jesus came, and died, to secure for us: Abundant life lived from hearts that have experienced God's passionate love. But most of us live at arm's length from the Father, more like orphans than His beloved children.

Jesus promised during His last days not to leave us as orphans, but through the gift of His Spirit to call us to a deeper experience of the Father's tender affection for us.

Having had three dads by the time she was 19, Lynne shares her own miraculous story of coming out of darkness into the marvelous light of God's loving embrace. This retreat is full of powerful tools women can use to embark on their own journey out of orphanhood to the place our hearts long to call home: the safe, loving embrace of the Father.

"When Lynne Rienstra came to Grace Church to speak at our Women's Ministry Conference in the Fall of 2018, she literally took us on a "Journey to the Father's Heart"

She not only shared her own life story regarding her earthly fathers, but also encouraged us to take bold steps of faith into a more intimate and trusting relationship with our heavenly Father.

Lynne offered practical advice from the Word of God on how to rest in God's love and presence, and how to see Him as He really, the only perfect Father.

Lynne was loving, personable, and used humor, visuals, and beautiful props to paint for us a vivid picture of how to receive Abba Father's love into our hearts.

The two days we spent with her were life-changing, refreshing, and memorable."

Pat Clardy
Lay Women's pastor
Grace Church
St. Louis, MO

Beautiful Beloved

During this season of tempestuous change, God is refining and reviving His people. Jesus, the Bridegroom, is Waking His Bride, the Church, from a place of spiritual slumber and complacency. Jesus is Wooing his "runaway Bride" out of the arms of other lovers, asking, "Will you turn away from your idols, and turn your heart back to Me?" Jesus, our own beautiful Beloved, is Winning our hearts and whole-hearted obedience.

In this powerful retreat based on Song of Songs 2:8-16, Jesus invites His Bride into revival, to settle for nothing less than hearing Him call us His own "Beautiful Beloved." Receiving this as our truest identity will empower us to arise as the powerful cultural change agent Jesus came to make us!

"God is using the "Beautiful Beloved" teaching to unify and focus the Church in a world of division and distraction. The profound truths woven throughout the sessions of this message are brutally convicting, yet also mercifully encouraging.

In addition to her dynamic and engaging teaching style, Lynne is also blessed with the ability to bring diverse groups of women together in worship and praise, each woman uniquely lovely in His sight, yet even more beautiful as His collective Bride."

Dana Little
Women's Ministry Coordinator
Trinity Presbyterian Church
Covington, GA

Spiritual Pioneering

Forging New Paths with God in a Post-Christian Era

Having lived through 2020, we feel like Dorothy as she woke up in the land of Oz: "Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore." In our culture's landslide away from God, how can we learn not only to survive, but even thrive, in this new season?

Spiritual Pioneering invites women to partner with God through the simple but powerful process of LISTENING and OBEYING. Lynne weaves stories from her own great-grandmothers' pioneer lives with the timeless truths of the book of Joshua as God's people go by faith to a place they have never been before. In "Spiritual Pioneering," women experience fresh vision and practical, Biblical help for navigating the world as we now know it.

(I'd love to share with you the creative ways you can help your women bring these truths home, and keep applying what God's said to them long after the retreat is over. Let's talk!)

"Lynne Rienstra is a passionate communicator who loves Jesus and cares for people. She uses creativity to teach Truth from God's Word. Her combination of humor, wisdom, and enthusiasm is amazing.

Lynne is inspiring in word and action."

Rea Queen
Co-founder, Forme Women's Ministry
Wife of Senior Pastor, Cross Point Church
Nashville, TN

For Such a Time as This

Living Out Our True Identity in Troubled Times

God chose Esther, a lowly Jewish girl, to become the Queen of Persia at a crucial time in redemptive history. He taught Esther to walk in four important aspects of her core identity, Beloved Child, Chosen Bride, Wise Woman of Prayer, and Warrior Queen, during a perilous time in her people's history. The result? God was glorified and His people saved and strengthened.

What if God wants to do the same in our lives, calling us to more faithfully live out our true identity in the midst of today's turbulent times? In this retreat, women discover how to "live who we are" in Christ for such a time as this!

"Lynne speaks not only from her rich life experiences but also from her intent study of God's Word.

In her "Beautiful Beloved" retreat teaching, she walked through sections of Songs of Songs, calling us to ARISE into a more intimate relationship with the Lord while also guarding our hearts against the "little foxes" that distract us. She shared insights from specific Hebrew words and phrases, personal stories to illustrate points, and introspective questions for us to ponder via discussion or time alone with God.

Everyone in our group walked away inspired by treasures in Scripture, challenged with life-relevant application, and warmed by Lynne's endearing style."

Kristin Watson
Pastor's Wife, Mentor, & Medical Device Innovator
Covington Christian Church
Covington, GA

Sitting at the Feet of Jesus

Lessons from the Life of Mary of Bethany

The stressors which women face seem to grow exponentially every time we turn around. "Be more. Do more. You can have it all," echoes our culture's mantra of self-actualization. We have lost our inner compass and sense of God's presence in the frenzy of activity. Thankfully, we have the life and example of Mary of Bethany, a woman who knew Jesus intimately and learned to trust Him in the toughest times. Her secret? She cultivated the habit of sitting at the Savior's feet.

Is life overwhelming you right now? At the end of your cope? Come sit, with Mary of Bethany, at  the feet of Jesus. There is a place of acceptance, refreshment, and simplicity waiting there for you.

"You will not regret time spent with Lynne and the Lord.

I have thoroughly enjoyed sitting under Lynne's teaching. Her love and passion for Jesus and others is heart-warming. I left her retreat more in love with my Jesus."

Susan Wilcox
Samaritan's Purse Family Ministry Director
Boone, NC

Many other topics available, so let's talk about what your group needs right now. Contact me for a complete list of topics, which includes specific session content and key scriptures. We can also discuss dates and cost.

Why Invite Me To Speak?

For over 25 years, I have spoken to thousands of women here in the U.S. and across the world in a variety of settings and life stages. Teen girls desperately looking for their identity and a compass for their life. Young moms trying to live life at 80mph but still grow deep roots in their faith. Older women longing to leave a legacy of faith in the next generation. Having been them all, I understand the unique challenges and opportunities of each season. Here's what I will bring to women at your event:

Passion for Jesus. He is Emmanuel, the Lover of Our Souls, the Lamb of God, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the King of Kings, and our Coming Bridegroom. Making Him know is my deepest passion and highest privilege.

Love for women. Even a cursory look at Jesus' interactions with women in the Gospels reveals His respect and affection for them. I seek to convey that to women, and help them discover their deep value and unique identity reflected in Jesus' eyes.

Faithfulness to God's Word. From my college days of teaching inductive Bible studies at Smith College, to teaching investigative Bible studies in the business world, through years of leading women's ministry and teaching women on retreats, to my studies at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, God's Word has been an integral part of how He speaks to me. I love sharing His truth, and heart, with others.

Creative delivery of truth. I never feel more alive than when I ask the Lord to use me as His vessel. It's a prayer He loves to answer. As I step back during a teaching session, Jesus steps forward to communicate His love, His passion, His challenge, and His encouragement to women. Through visuals, costumes, and even song, I use whatever means I can to woo God's daughters closer to His heart.

Love for the Church. Having been a pastor's wife for many decades, I understand the importance of the Church, Christ's Bride, to God's heart and the central role she plays in fulfilling His purposes.