Abandoned by my father at age four, I believed the core lie, "You are nothing and no one."

The best I could hope for, I reasoned, was to fake my way through life--doing everything bigger and better than anyone else and striving for perfection so no one would ever again reject me.

So began years of living as if I were Superwoman, trying to do it all perfectly. But the price of striving for perfection was too high. (Did you just hear the cha-chink of a prison door slamming shut?)

I would have two more dads, and a lot of moves and upheaval, before I met Jesus, who spoke these words to me: "I have loved you with an everlasting love. With lovingkindness have I wooed you" (Jeremiah 31:3).

God stands ready, right now, to free you. Whatever your story is, He is committed to liberating you from the fear and isolation of spiritual orphanhood. And he will do it in a way that is unique to you.


I ran with all my heart away from God, thinking He was just like all my other dads. But true to his promise, God didn't leave me an orphan

He wooed me in His love letter, the Bible.

He started to exchange my false view of Him (based on experience with earthly fathers) with an accurate picture of Himself, inviting me to see Him as He truly is in the face of His Son, Jesus.

He gave me a glimpse of His father's heart when I had my own children.

And late in my thirties, during a supernatural encounter with Him on a Cape Cod beach, God replaced my orphan spirit with His life-giving Spirit of adoption.

My story is just one picture of orphanhood.

There are many orphans living in the house of the Father.
My calling is to lead them out of hiding into a life-changing encounter with the God who loves them.

Who Is Lynne Rienstra?

Lynne is a recovering Pharisee and spiritual orphan. Through her mentoring, speaking, and writing, she invites women to exchange the lies they've believed for the truth God speaks over them in Scripture. The result? Freedom like they've never experienced before.

Because she's been there herself, Lynne specializes in reaching women sitting in prison cells of Disappointment ("life hasn't gone the way I expected."), Distraction ("I've lost sight of what gave my heart joy, and I don't know my way back."), Deception (I'm caught in the cycle of sin, and can't seem to escape."), and Disillusionment ("I tried Christianity, but I'm still broken and disappointed. Why try again?").

Having been set free from these and other forms of spiritual bondage, she loves to run down prison hallways with a ring full of powerful key truths that liberate others with the good news that in Christ God has already done for them what they could not do for themselves. His truth unlocks prison cells and invites us out of darkness!

Lynne also works as a Regional Director for Samaritan's Purse and serves alongside her husband, Rob, senior pastor of Trinity Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Covington, Georgia. They are the parents of two grown children.

Whether leading a group of women in Bible study, leading a group of ministry partners to see God at work around the globe, or leading a group of women on a weekend retreat (she's taught thousands of women across the country for over 25 years), Lynne loves to guide others in the ultimate adventure: experiencing God's heart for them.

She has traveled to 26 counties on five continents, including North Korea, Iraq, Singapore, Uganda, Liberia, and Kenya, where she lived for a summer among the Maasai.

Lynne holds a B.A. in English from Smith College, where she first encountered God's voice through inductive Bible study. Recently she earned a Certificate in Spiritual Formation from The Transforming Community (Ruth Haley Barton) and a Certificate in Spiritual First Aid from the Humanitarian Disaster Institute (Wheaton College). Lynne is working on a degree from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (that she may not finish before Jesus returns).

Lynne has fulfilled a series of callings: English teacher, corporate insurance broker, pastor's wife and women's ministry leader, home schooling mom, and development professional.

She loves Earl Grey tea, all things French, period dramas, reading C.S. Lewis, and scoring vintage clothing finds.